Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with science-based consulting services in hydrology (groundwater and surface water), climate change adaptation planning, and mitigation.


Jayne F. Knott, Ph.D. and Andrew M. Knott work individually or in partnership with colleagues and other small businesses to service the needs of our clients in a professional and timely manner. 


Jayne F. Knott, Ph.D.

Jayne F. Knott has a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of New Hampshire, a M.S. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and a B.A. degree in physics and geology from Mount Holyoke College.  Dr. Knott has over 30 years experience working in water resources planning and groundwater contamination assessment, mitigation, and remediation.  She is an expert on the effects sea-level rise on coastal road infrastructure and has published research on the impacts of projected temperature increases and sea-level-rise induced groundwater rise on pavement life.  She has also developed a step-wise and flexible framework for designing and maintaining climate-ready coastal roads.

Dr. Knott is currently a research associate at the University of Massachusetts - Boston, School for the Environment researching the effects of climate change on groundwater systems in the greater Boston area with implications for drinking water supplies, natural resources, and coastal infrastructure.  She is also working with a team of academics, community planners, state agencies, and municipalities on a groundwater model to assess the impacts of sea-level-rise-induced groundwater rise and saltwater intrusion on drinking water supplies, and groundwater contamination from on-site septic systems in a coastal community in New Hampshire.  She collaborates with researchers from the Northeast Region in the Infrastructure and Climate Network (ICNet) and globally with ICNet Global.

Her volunteer work, including working on the 4th National Climate Assessment, serving as a subject matter expert with the Resilient Dialogues Project, serving as part of the New Hampshire Coastal Adaptation Workgroup (NH CAW) and the Climate Crisis Coalition in Gloucester, Massachusetts, demonstrates her commitment to helping communities and businesses achieve success in a changing climate.


  • Worked as a hydrogeologist for the U.S. Geological Survey and for environmental consulting firms before becoming an independent environmental consultant.  Dr. Knott has over 30 years experience working with groundwater and surface-water resources at inland sites and along the coast.
  • Evaluated contaminated sites and prepared expert reports for expert witness testimony in litigation cases, including estimating the timing of chemical releases, contaminant fate and transport, the effectiveness of remedial activities, and the identification of damages. 
  • Review editor for the Northeast Chapter of the Fourth National Climate Assessment
  • Subject matter expert for the Resilience Dialogues Program helping communities become more resilient in the face of a changing changing climate.  
  • Experienced in  the development, permitting, and construction of public water supply systems.
  • Experienced in using downscaled climate model output to inform and assist communities and businesses adapt to a changing climate
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Andrew M. Knott

Andrew Knott is a seasoned entrepreneur with an extensive background driving business growth in the manufacturing industry. Andrew has over 40 years experience leading multi-faceted companies including startups, developing new products, and growing businesses. 

Andrew is a "change agent" in several diverse markets. He developed markets for AQUAMESH, the world's leading solution for constructing lobster, crab, and fish traps and cages and trays used in aquaculture; WIREWALL, a high security fence system used to protect valuable and sensitive assets; and GEOMESH, a welded wire gabion system used to build sustainable retaining walls and erosion control systems. 

Throughout his career, Andrew managed diverse supply chains, marketing and business development teams, operations, finance, while balancing profit and loss responsibility. Andrew studied economics at Boston University and graduated from the Harvard Business School Owner President Management program (OPM-24) in 1996.  

Andrew brings the following knowledge and skills to our clients: excellent team and community building skills, good business and economic principals, and imagination.  His entrepreneurial style and lean manufacturing knowledge keeps us grounded in practical solutions that maximize benefits to the client, both now and into the future.

The Hydropredictions Offer

We help policymakers, business leaders, and consultants make the right decisions in an uncertain future

Water Management

in a Changing Climate

Water management is changing as our climate changes and past water management practices are no longer effective.   We work with communities to improve stormwater management and to maximize groundwater resources.

Hydrological Simulations

Groundwater & Surface Water Modeling

We work with our clients to construct scientifically-based simulations of future hydrologic conditions and to evaluate possible solutions.  These simulations are used in the design and maintenance of infrastructure, water supplies, and the protection of natural resources.

Water quality

predictions & solutions

With more frequent flooding, sea level rise, and groundwater-level increases, water quality degradation is projected to accelerate.  We work with communities to protect drinking water quality and natural resources.